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How to Write a Summary?

Summary is a brief explanation of writing. You have to express the main idea and some facts that support your argument, but you don’t have to retell the whole story.

Steps for creating a good summary

  • Start with a clear identification of the work. Provide some background about it, like author, the type of work, title and the main point.
  • Summarize a text as a whole. Include only the information that was present in the work and avoid expressing your own opinion about it, unless your tutor asked you to.
  • Be as laconic as possible. It’s just a small summary; it should be short and clear.
  • A final statement of your summary should underline the significance of the text and highlight the main author’s point.
  • Summarizing is not rewriting the text of the article, but rather an evaluation of it. Be careful and do not insert any of your suggestions and opinions in your summary.
  • Revise a summary and take a critical position. Check if your summary makes the same point as the summarized text. Try not to miss something important and concentrate on the most important details.

Most of the students have problems with creating a summary, because it requires not only time and effort to read and understand a text, but also the ability to express the main ideas in a short and well-structured piece of writing. Hopefully, these tips will come in handy!